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FNaF: Suit room lovers (Foxy x Reader) :iconmonsterinme96:MonsterInMe96 278 173
Don't Regret Me (Reader x Mewtwo) One-Shot
Summary: He was your most loyal companion, promising to stay by your side on the oath that you would grant his freedom once again.  Until then, your heart would ache over his departure. (Reader x Mewtwo) One-Shot
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon; it belongs to Nintendo.  This fanfiction is for entertainment purposes only.
Warning:  Fuzzy!
This fanfiction made by Mayplefly.
Chapter 1
You would never forget the look on his face when he reminded you of the day.  It was painful, for you shared many adventures with him, shed tears for him, and had restless nights over his well-being.
He had made you swear an oath before you were allowed to battle him, on your first meeting.
In a place known as Cerulean Cave, you had met him.  You were told by people on your journey of a powerful and elusive creature that claimed the cave which no trainer dared to enter.
It was this encounter that would begin your fateful meeting with your most promising friend.
He kept himself se
:iconmayplefly:Mayplefly 150 41
Stranded|Solgaleo x Trainer!Reader x Lunala
"Lunala..I told you not to eat that fruit."
"I'm sorry, [y/n]..."

You simply sighed in response, digging into your bag and pulling out your last Antidote. "It's alright. Just drink this. It's my last Antidote, so I gotta make it count." Opening the purple bottle, you gave it to Lunala.
She leaned her head forward to sniff it, only to recoil in disgust before giving you a look. "Do I have t-" But before she could finish, Lunala started to cough violently, covering her mouth with her claws. With a slight frown, you gently rubbed her back, waiting until she was finished.
"Al-Alright...I'll take it..."

Nodding, you fed her the Antidote, ensuring that every last drop of it got into her systems. Once the bottle was finished, Lunala sighed, muttering a "thank you" before laying her head down in your lap and closing her eyes.
As you rubbed the Moone Pokemon's head, you thought back to how you got stranded here in the first place.
Well...the problem was you couldn't
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 126 33
Kylo Ren x Child Reader: Care
As if being shot and having Kylo Ren carry you wasn’t embarrassing enough, He started scolding you as he carried you to the hospital wing causing many of the passing troopers to look and quickly walk away some even letting out a small chuckle here and there.
You looked up at Kylo, a pleading look in your eyes, “Kylo, not in front of the troopers! You’re making me feel like a child-“
“You are one [y/n]! This was a bad idea; I knew I shouldn’t even have let you on the ship!”He snapped as he stomped into the medical wing and took you to a cold metal table and dropped you on it making you wince in pain.
“Kylo I’m sorry but I couldn’t let her hurt you-“You started but he cut you off.
“I can handle myself just fine! [Y/n] you could have died because you can’t listen to orders!” He yelled angrily, a nurse who had come to aid you turned to Kylo and tried to politely hush him.
“Shut up nurse!” He sna
:iconkawaiibear1:Kawaiibear1 50 24
Kylo Ren x Child Reader: Hurt
This was an easy mission for The first order apparently. You failed to listen to all the details when told by Kylo but you did know that you were on a planet to get a person for questioning and you were to stay on the ship while Kylo and a few storm troopers went out into the town.
That is until the resistance showed up and you saw the girl, Rey if you remember correctly, run after Kylo and begin to fight him.
It made your heart speed up and you quickly snuck out of the ship, grabbing your light saber from your side and gripped it tightly in your hand.
You pulled the hood of your black cape over your head, dodging the blasters going off making your way over to Kylo, turning your light saber on, deflecting a few blasts but missing one and getting hit in your shoulder.  
You let out a cry of pain gripping your shoulder, stumbling a bit and slowly still making your way to Kylo.
Kylo had heard your cry of pain and whipped around to see you, face scrunched up in pain, a hand on your sh
:iconkawaiibear1:Kawaiibear1 49 15
Kylo Ren x Child Reader: Captured
Your fingers hurt and your thoughts were racing as you gripped at the makeshift weapon in your hands and peered from behind the wall you were hiding against. You were in an unknown area to you with unfamiliar people and you were hungry. How did this all happen you ask? Well…
You had just finished training with Kylo and were making your way to your room to change and eat with Kylo when this girl accompanied by a man of color put a hand over your mouth and pulled you away behind a wall saying something along the lines of,
“We’re here to save you kid, don’t worry!” And despite your protests and very noticeable kicking and muffled screaming, they took you back to a ship and somehow you got knocked out. You don’t know by whom but when you found out, they’re going to have a bad time. You then later awoke in a small room.
Judging by the cot and plain white sheets you were on and surrounding you, you were in the hospital wing. You sat up slowly rubbing
:iconkawaiibear1:Kawaiibear1 100 8
Comfort: Kylo Ren x Child Reader
With a loud gasp you sat up from your bed, breathing heavily your scared [e/c] eyes glanced around the small room you were in. You were still in the Star Killer base, in your own room.
You blinked a couple times to rid of the painful stinging tears in your eyes as you lifted a hand and wiped away a few stray tears away from your cheeks.
Lifting the plain grey blanket and swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you paused.
What would someone think if they say you out at such a late hour just because of something so simple and silly? Your tired eyes glared down at the ground as you thought about it, you didn’t want that, you didn’t want them to think you were a child even though you are 7; you longed to be seen as mature and this will surely ruin all you’ve worked for.
But then again, you are 7 and the dream was frightening and you didn’t care about what anyone thought right now, you just wanted comfort. And so you hopped out of bed, your bare feet meeting th
:iconkawaiibear1:Kawaiibear1 73 8
Kylo Ren x Child Reader
Kylo Ren stared at this young child through his mask, watching your every move. Said child was fidgeting slightly under the gaze of Kylo Ren, you were in star killer base, not quite sure as to why you were there but no matter; you tried with everything you’ve had to not show you were scared by this and striated up, keeping your head held high.
Kylo having been able to read your thoughts and feel your emotions found this slightly amusing and smirked faintly under his mask. It was entirely silent in the room till his chilling voice spoke up.
“You’re scared.” He stated, shifting and getting up from his chair as he slowly made his way to you. Your small body tensed up and you tilted your head up to look at his…Masks eyes, feeling a burst of bravery as you spoke up.
“I’m not scared; if anyone’s scared it’s you.” You told him, standing up straighter making sure to show no fear in your [e/c] eyes.
Kylo stopped circling around, slight
:iconkawaiibear1:Kawaiibear1 109 6
[Kylo Ren X Reader] Monster

Just a quick A/N and a warning... 
    I'm baaaacccckkkkkk and my writer's block is officially gone!! I've started writing stories again :) So I hope you enjoy this one. And I also know that the whole Ben Solo to Kylo Ren thing didn't happen like that, however my story, my rules. And the italics, unless its a flashback, it's you talking to Kylo Ren through your thoughts.... like the old Jedi used to do 
“Come on BB-8!”
You ran, grabbing Rey’s hand while dragging her further into the forest.
He’s here, I have to hid
:iconcoffeelurvr:coffeelurvr 221 73
Kylo Ren x Reader: It Doesn't Matter Pt. 1
    I ran as fast as I could, maneuvering through the dense forest, barely able to see. My heart pounded in my chest painfully, almost as if it was trying to escape my rib cage. Breathing felt like torture, and the whole world around me was shaking violently. I gripped my blaster pistol with a sweaty hand and let my index finger shake lightly on the trigger.
    At lease two or three Stormtroopers hot on my heels. They weren't set to kill me; they wanted me for interrogation. Any member of the resistance that they could round up was taken back to Starkiller Base to have any information squeezed out of them until there was no more. The last thing I had heard before I left the Rebel base on D'Quar was that Poe Dameron was captured, and God knows where he was now. I didn't want to end up like him. I didn't want to endure any 'Jedi mind tricks,' because whatever mind tricks this "Kylo Ren" had to offer wasn't any ordinary little prank.
    The Stormtroope
:iconijudgelove:ijudgelove 101 7
What happens when Ahsoka has to tell Anakin what happened on Carlac?
Ahsoka gulped, she knew she had to tell Anakin what happened. But why did it have to be so soon? As soon as Ahsoka sat down on the couch in their shared quarters, about fifty questions came from Anakin's mouth. Most of them consisting of why she was late on arrival to Coruscant, and why she didn't come with Lux.  Lux. Ahsoka couldn't stop thinking about him, well, more importantly, the kiss he gave her. She smiled slightly, remembering it.
She was pointing out the many flaws of Lux's plan, when Lux looked behind her. She was about to turn around, when he pulled her into his arms, and kissed her on the lips. She wanted to punch him, maybe even kick him in the nuts for kissing her, but recognized other figures in the hut. So, instead, she pretended to like it. There was a sound of someone clearing their throat, and they pulled away. Ahsoka's lekku had turned a deep shade of blue, meaning she
:iconbarrissiscool:Barrissiscool 19 98
DDLO102696 Symbol by DDLQ102696 DDLO102696 Symbol :iconddlq102696:DDLQ102696 2 0
Savage Heart: Wild SSJ4!Goku X Reader

New songfic with a original song by me. Enjoy! The image belongs to BoScha196.
Out there in the woods
Lives a man that does good
But the people see him as beast in a way
He did all he could
But in the end was still misunderstood
And now they cast the man beast away
You were a young villager that live in the village guarded by a large wall. You have heard of stories of a monkey man that lives in the forest and was considered very dangerous. The guards would keep watch and he should ever appear, they would kill. Yep, all of the village hated him, but the one that hated him the most was the villages king: King Frieza. He runs the village with an iron fist and everyone was truly afraid of him. You lived all alone on your farm, you family were executed by Frieza's men when they refused to sell t
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 106 30
Ulquiorra X Reader-Don't Cry
You were walking home alone at night, when a garganta appeared in front of you, Ulquiorra stepping out. You froze in your tracks and stared at him with fear filling your eyes. You felt like an idiot for walking around at night alone. You could fight, but you weren’t strong enough to defend yourself against Ulquiorra. “I have orders from Lord Aizen to bring you to Hueco Mundo. If you refuse to come, I’ll force you to”
He waited for your answer as you started to tremble “Umm-“ “We’re not going to kill you so calm down” beginning to calm down a little you answered him “O-Ok” He opened another garganta, allowing you to walk in first he transports you both into Hueco Mundo. He brought you to Aizen who told you that they would use your ability’s and also use you to attract to Soul Society as bait.
Ulquiorra escorted you to a room that had a bed and an extra room as a bathroom. “I’ll be back in a little with f
:iconwildwolf1111111111:wildwolf1111111111 310 149
Gijinka!Darkrai x Reader: Dreams and Nightmares
(y/n) flailed in her sleep as she felt fear clutch her heart. Her nightmares were progressively getting worse and she could hardly have a pleasant night’s sleep. A dark shadow kept appearing in her dreams, haunting her, watching her.
“You’re mine…” (y/n) heard before she woke up with a jolt, sweat beading down her face. She got up and grabbed a glass of water to settle her nerves. She sat at her computer to look up remedies for these nightmares. According to various websites she found, psychic pokemon could use hypnosis and various other abilities to put something to sleep and control dreams.
(y/n) looked over at her Espeon and smiled. Espeon would more than willingly help her sleep, they were thick as thieves and best friends. Espeon mewled and agreed to help (y/n) sleep and keep good dreams.
(y/n) closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep with the help of Espeon. The dream started out plain, just colors until the shadow figure returned. It stood and
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 288 21
Gijinka!Rayquaza x Reader: Companion in the Sky
Rayquaza was king of the skies. Free to fly wherever he pleased and had not a care in the world. But he had begun to feel a strange feeling, it was as if something was missing to him. Something he needed but did not have. He felt an emptiness inside of him he could fathom.
“Please no!” Rayquaza looked down to see villagers from a small town near Rayquaza’s Sky Pillar.
“Rayquaza needs a more suitable offering or it won’t protect us anymore or give us bountiful winds to power the windmills we need to make food!” a villager explained as they led a young woman to the Sky Pillar’s highest level. The winds blew her (h/c) colored (h/l) lengthed hair out of her face to show her (e/c) colored eyes.
“But Rayquaza will kill me or eat me!” the young woman cried
“Then we will have one less mouth to feed” they answered as they left her crying on the roof of the Sky Pillar. Rayquaza flew down as the girl closed her eyes and braced hers
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 318 59


I am sorry if I haven't been on hear for long.. Alot of things had happened to the past few years which it went up and down, but I am finally getting back into my passion and hobby of mine. Drawing I been working and dealing with my life and other things which is personal but I am not giving up my drawing or anything I will contiune for now on to this day.  The drawing that I did is myself and my boyfriend that helped me through hard times and I drawn this months ago and went through my drawing and saw this and could see me and my boyfriend to this day and I am so thankful to have him in my life and thank you. 

Please DM me for anything to drawing, things I should improve on or anything :)
My new occ of my little pony her name is Kitsune for a Japanese name mean fox if anyone who wants me to draw other characters plz send a message to me I can do it :D


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